Monday, July 25, 2011

River City Riot 2011 review

Let me just say this , Yes a crap load of work . Worth every minute of it  HELL Yes!  Like anything there are lessons learned but to be honest it could not have gone any better.  If you missed it , that sucks but there will be another .  It wont be late July or early August - crap it was hot.   It could not have been a better day, new bros gained , great ride , amazing bands, cold beer.  I want to say thanks for all the help in putting this thing on and if you made your way out , I could not be more thankful .  

Pictures are coming in and will be in phases as I am getting them from multiple sources .  If you have some you what to send me , that would be cool .  Send them to  . All pics will be posted

Hope to see you next year      


  1. Agreed - Saturday was awesome . It was so cool to meet so many dudes out there doing the same
    thing I am - Working all day so they can wrench on the chopper all night and roll on a machine
    they built with their own two hands. Fucking awesome. Justin from Cape: You fucking rule man!
    Paul: Where the hell did you find the Sixes? I was bummed the fuck out about my bike until
    they started cranking out that bad ass southern metal. Good times.

  2. A big thanks to all who gave their time for this event. A bigger thanks to those who carried the finacial burden and in the end didn't even get to ride! I had a great day of riding with good people, no BS, no additudes, no posers. Even better party afterwards. Just fine group of brothers and sisters enjoying the freedom of two wheels. Josh and Justin your bikes were rad and you have my full respect, would be my pleasure to ride w/ you guys anyday. I'm sure there's a picture of your bikes next to the word determination in the dictionary. My stocker will have to do for a few more years, but after this event i'm serious about building my own. FTW