Monday, July 25, 2011

Let me Just say this about the Sixes and Brown Bottle Fever

Hire them - Party with them - I promise you wont regret it


Brown Bottle Fever

More and more pics are being posted at

River City Riot 2011 review

Let me just say this , Yes a crap load of work . Worth every minute of it  HELL Yes!  Like anything there are lessons learned but to be honest it could not have gone any better.  If you missed it , that sucks but there will be another .  It wont be late July or early August - crap it was hot.   It could not have been a better day, new bros gained , great ride , amazing bands, cold beer.  I want to say thanks for all the help in putting this thing on and if you made your way out , I could not be more thankful .  

Pictures are coming in and will be in phases as I am getting them from multiple sources .  If you have some you what to send me , that would be cool .  Send them to  . All pics will be posted

Hope to see you next year      

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Its coming soon dont forget the basics

Read the original post for details we have updated it often .  But a basic overview is below

We will stop 3 to 4 times for gas so that means if you can get 60 miles per tank you are cool . If you cant well ....  The total ride is about 200 Miles and it is amazing .  You will need to bring money to cross one ferry (4.00) have some cash with you.  We leave Bare Knuckle Choppers at 10:30 sharp come a bit early and come with a full tank . You can fill up across from the shop. The bands are going to be amazing and there are two of them.  The cost is $20.00 to cover the 2 bands , PA system , gas for the chase vehicle , porta potty and trailer rental. Not looking to make any money just cover cost and Luke, Josh , Paul and I will be lucky if we cover cost. .   There will be a sign up sheet when you pay and wristbands given . We will use this list of names to give free stuff away from the various supporters that gave us swag.   Camping is primitive , so it is what it is.  Its going to be a great freakin time- hold on to your socks


Sunday, July 17, 2011

RCR 2011 Route

Yes - this shit is still going down.
We have the route mapped out and you can find it here ->
This route includes 2 ferries - the first one is $4/bike - the second one is free
Other than that, this ride should be rad.

There's only a few of us setting this whole thing up and some of the details are killing cashflow - so we've had to change it to BYOB, but a chase van with trailer, bathroom facilities, and a couple of awesome bands should be in order.

10:30am sharp at Bare Knuckle Choppers - Hawk Point,MO
Be there or be square.